About us

Imagenepalnews.com is an independent News portal dedicated to highlighting quality happenings in Nepal as well as in the Nepali Diaspora living in the Europe. Along with providing news from the mainstream media, the website aims to showcase tasteful Nepali literature, arts, and culture as well as highlight accomplishments in the local community in cyprus.

What makes imagenepalnews.com truly unique is its ability to cater to the needs of children, youth, and adults. It aims to preserve Nepali culture by providing children with the means to learn more about our art and culture, connecting youth to resources vital to succeed in higher education, and providing a platform for adults to help transition their immigration to the EU.

It also aims to make those in Nepal more aware and involved in the lives of those overseas. Often times we live with the assumption that the grass is always greener in the other side, but this website is here to promote solidarity by providing optimism and showing how lucky people living in both Europe and Nepal are in their own respective ways.
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